Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument

The Cliff Dwellings are a jumping-off point for many outdoor enthusiasts. Visitors are able to walk through the dwellings themselves rather than viewing them from afar. Peaceful trails up Cliff Dweller Canyon provide the visitor with beautiful views of the well-preserved dwellings before actually walking through them. Guides are available to take groups on tours, as well as a pamphlet that explains all points of interest.

The Dwellings are located 4 miles north of Gila Hot Springs and are accessible by a one-mile round-trip walking trail. The trail climbs about 200 feet into the caves, so walking shoes are a must. Shaded dog kennels are available at the entrance.

A reasonable entrance fee is charged.

Visit the National Park Service's official website for more information, including fee details.

Two pictures of a cliff side with rocks and plants.